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Twice Made, Once Forgotten + Pamphlets

Twice Made, Once Forgotten + Pamphlets

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“The fissure smells of rotten dreams”, said The Lady of the Lofty Glen. “As much as you try to keep it a secret, I know you deal in such things.” The Dwarves certainly did. They knew it was not the fey, their kind did not dream. Some traveled upon the threads of fantasy and the wheels of nightmares, but they could produce neither. That left only the Unreal. Containment was the best outcome, deaths a certainty. Regardless, brave Freyj and 22 others volunteered.

Twice Made, Once Forgotten is a toolbox setting for OSR games inspired by Perdido Street Station, The Dying Earth, and The Iron Giant. It is a world of equal parts darkness and hope, whimsy and technology; above all else, it is a setting centered around the beliefs of those which thrive and toil within. Inside you will find: a group of goats thrust into consciousness who must plead with their creators for justice, a fanatic cult seeking to dominate all un-human beings, constructs discovering what it means to be alive, and contradictory Dwarves who find themselves as scholarly warriors.

The Past’s Grasp is an exploration adventure of the ruined body of a giant construct from a previous age. The goliath structure still crackles with electricity and the residents within have only grown weirder over time. Discover awakened antennae, dreams of lost loves, and maybe even the origins of constructs.

Echoes of Void is a mystery adventure where players stumble into an urgent crisis. A building clings to the side of a cliff. The fissure below emits Unreality. Inside, Bellamy, the 7th and Last, has failed to defeat No-Thing who now threatens to unbind the nothingness. Can the players figure out what is happening and stop No-Thing before all is lost?

  • A5 format
  • 38 pages total
  • Includes (2) adventure trifolds
  • Written by Seth Ian & Franky Stein
  • Illustrated by Franky D. Crafter
  • Layout designed by Franky Stein


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