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Gig Economy

Gig Economy


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Gig Economy is a resource for Old-School Essentials and other retro/classic fantasy TTRPGs. Inside you’ll find 200 weird, fun and quirky characters with just enough detail to get your games rolling. Organized to support multiple hiring procedures and designed to pass around the table and then simply slip back into your favorite TTRPG book for safekeeping.


  • Designed for Old-School Essentials, compatible with OSR and classic fantasy games.
  • 200 bite sized retainers, hirelings and henchman
    • 20 Lackeys
    • 40 townsfolk
    • 140 adventurers - 20 of each Clerics, Dwarves, Elves, Fighters, Halflings, Magic-Users and Thieves
  • 3 hiring procedures and guidelines for creating your own
  • Starting town map on back cover includes 10 different hiring locations
  • All characters are written with gender-neutral pronouns