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Isle of Ixx

Isle of Ixx

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Thick jungles, humid swamps,
strange lakes and mysterious ruins
from an ancient civilization.
Dare you explore it?

Isle of Ixx is a masterclass in minimalist gaming: a setting, adventure and rules system all in once, carefully packed in a concise premium cloth-bound hardback. Within, you will find a rules-lite game inspired by Into the Odd with random tables for starting gear, profane powers, equipment, trinkets, artifacts and more; an overview of the weird tropical island setting, its main factions and a complete bestiary full of mutants, dinosaurs and space aliens; and more than fourteen adventure locations ready to be explored, such as Wrecktown, the Hermit's Spire, Terrorbeak Nest, the Mutant Outpost and the Drowned Cave.

Written & illustrated by Skullfungus.

A5 hardback, premium cloth-binding, 48 pages in black&white with spot colours. Only 1,000 copies exist. 


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